Hairstyling has always been one of the best aspects of fashion. Hairstyling can make you look completely different; it has the power to completely change the dynamic of your face. It is important to choose the perfect hairstyle for your face, one that suits your facial structure and your bone structure, nose and jawline. There are also certain hairstyles that have a say in how thin or bulked up we look, and to say, any hairstyle has quite an enough power to change your overall appearance at a single go.


There are several things that you must keep in your mind before choosing a hairstyle for yourself. The color, length and texture of the hair is important, as is the volume. It is also important to choose a hairstyle according your facial structure. If you have a lean face, you can choose a hairstyle that is sleek and short, also keeping in mid your overall appearance. Women and men, both are beautiful in whichever body shape they have, but there are certain hairstyles that can make you look either slimmer or fatter than you actually are. For women who are thick, short hairstyles like a bob can make them appear even larger. For slim women, a short bob can really go with their figure.

These are the different things anyone should keep in mind before choosing a hairstyle-

  • Length of the hair
  • Texture of the hair
  • Type of the hair (straight or curly)
  • Shape of the skull
  • Volume of the hair
  • Climate of the place you’re living in

Hairstyles also have a cultural significance. There are many different types of hairstyles prevalent all over the world which belong or signify to a certain culture. Braided hair and corn rows are hairstyles that are mostly seen for women of African origin. The reason behind that is the type and texture of hair that they have. They have really voluminous thick and curly hair which are difficult to maintain. The climate of the place also affects the hair.


Some of the most popular kinds of hairstyle are

Bangs: Bangs are a hairstyle which have a little bit of hair placed in the center of the forehead. This style has been adopted by famous actress Zoey Deschanel. There’s also side bangs and center bangs for your hair.

Bob: Bob refers to a short haircut mainly recommended for people who have straight hair and a moderate face, but a slim figure. Kylie Jenner is famous for her silver bob hair. There are several different kinds of bobs as well.

Corn Rows: Corn Rows are plaited hair strands made for hair that is difficult to manage due to sheer volume and curls.

Buns of different kinds: There are different kinds of buns that make varied hairstyles for women. The messy bun, the sleek bun and the formal bun are few of the most famous bun types for long hair.

Hairstyling can be done with a number of accessories and colors as well. It all depends upon your preference.


Your hair can be anything you want; however, you want to style it. Just pick anything you want to try but make sure to check all the above-mentioned points.

Home decor tips for decoration enthusiasts 2020

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two biggest investments you’ll likely make when it comes to renovating your home. These are also the most strenuous jobs to be done, so for this reason you have to get it right the first time. Here are some tips for managing your home decor. 

Multifunctional Spaces – Well, as the name suggests, this is a space that can be used for many things during a given period. Space is used in different ways at different times of the day. For example, if you have a bedroom with a sofa bed, your room transforms from a nice living room where you rest to a bed where you go to sleep at night. Open-plan apartments or houses are a very popular concept today, in which the living room, dining room and kitchen are integrated into one. People also like to make their bedroom multi-functional by adding furniture to create an office space.

Earth tones—this is something that most homes have, whether it’s a brown armchair or cream cushions. Earth tones range from cream to dark grey. It’s any Color you can associate with our Mother Earth. Typically, people choose softer accents like beige or tan because they remind us of the Earth the most. It is very popular to create a space that is cozy and pleasant. This can be achieved by adding a couple of knitted blankets in lighter Colors to the brown sofa.

What’s trendy you ask? 

Plants – the trend of having a nature friendly interior is one of favorites. Including plants, not only as standing plants in pots, but as patterns on cushions or chairs, is the perfect thing for those obsessed with botanical gardens and greenery. It is strongly believed that in order to do this you have to be great at combining patterns in perfect harmony. Plant patterns are great for small rooms, giving them a bit more dimension.

Rattan and wicker furniture—Even if you might think that rattan and wicker furniture are mostly for gardens and outdoor spaces, they can be a very good addition to your living room space. They give a natural feel and make the houses look more, well, cozy. This is a great alternative to upholstered armchairs and is much cheaper to buy if you choose the right website. It doesn’t have to look chic – the most basic rattan chair will turn your home into a pleasant oasis you come to from work. I like how it looks with nice earthy cushions and a fluffy bedspread.

The modern way!

Four-poster beds—for those of you who don’t know what a four-poster bed is— it are basically a four-poster bed with material hanging from it. It might look a little more expensive than other Home metal art decoration, and that’s probably because there is a lot more material to make when it comes to its construction. There is usually a light, translucent fabric around it that creates a bit of a veil of privacy. The price of canopy bed is almost twice bigger than a normal double bed. And the only difference is a bit of fabric and four wooden poles on each corner.

Fashion blunders that men should avoid

The manner in which a man dresses are extremely crucial. The initial impression usually is made by what a man wears. The look in the workplace is necessary for that successful collaboration to create new contacts and set new opportunities. But often men encounter problems and difficulties while choosing what to wear for having a good appearance in private or business life. There are certain mistakes which can ruin a good attire. Below is a list of the common fashion blunders which men should avoid. 

  • Dark pants and white socks– Nothing will look worse than putting on white socks with trousers in dark shades. Unless a man desires people in staring at their ankles, wearing socks that match with the trouser will be the right choice. For instance wear dark blue socks with brown leather shoes and dark blue suit. Another good choice is to wear neutral brown socks for blending with the shoes. 
  • Novelty clothing or ties– Novelty shirts, ties and other apparel pieces are just the reverses of sophistication. These may be tempting yet if a man desires into being taken seriously, they should leave behind at home their Christmas reindeer tie 
  • Big shoes– The clunky shoes are no longer in vogue. They were acceptable a decade ago, but of late classic slim shoes are in
  • Clothes which do not fit– For all those men who follow fashion rules they should keep in mind to wear clothes which fit. Do not wear clothes which are sagging and baggy or those which are very tight. The length of the trouser also matters. While wearing jeans wear it to the floor, but while wearing suit pants or trousers the hem must end at the shoe heel’s top. A good tailor will make sure that the trouser is cut to an ideal length 
  • Too much jewelry– Avoid wearing too much bling. While in the business or in the office one nice watch will be sufficient but ensure it is not much gaudy. Save all other earrings, necklaces and rings for the after-hours occasions 
  • Brand names– apparels which showcase a brand name, especially all across the outside is not acceptable or classy unless one is a sponsor. No man should allow a clothing company in using them as free advertisement 
  • A tie with a short sleeve shirt– Except in the case of a uniform, a man should keep away from wearing a tie with a short-sleeve shirt. This will look silly and also suggest an absolute lack of class. While wearing a tie, it is best to team it up with full sleeve shirts 

To dress for evening wear appropriately is crucial to success as it is a man’s appearance which provides the first impression. By avoiding the aforementioned common fashion blunders a man will be on the correct path. Even before they know it others will start to admire their dressing sense rather than make fun of it. So in order to look smart and classy dress like cocktail dresses intelligently and not whimsically. 

Fashion and you

As Oscar de la Renta has said, “fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable and style is more about being yourself”. Fashion can include a wide array of things ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, accessories to anything and everything. However fashion is not just about designer wears or what models wear on the ramp, but fashion is something which is unique to each and everyone. A simple dress if worn with élan and confidence can create a fashion statement. However, the knowledge about certain fashion faux pas is very important while dealing with fashionable items because the right kind of fashion can either enhance your looks or it can tarnish your image. Many people make fashion blunders because they simply follow the style of others. It is very important to remember that style for one can be different for another. So learn about what you need rather than what the masses are following.  

Fashion now-a- days is no longer confined to models or film stars, but the common masses too can get a hold of the leading trends and fashion updates. A number of online shopping sites offer its customers the latest fashion deals at an affordable range. From dresses to bags to funky accessories, all from the industries well known designers are available on online shopping sites. Customers nowadays do not need to run from shop to shop in order to get their favorite things. All they need to do is sit at home and do their shopping via the computer where they are swayed with the latest styles and the latest trends. With the click of a button the viewers can select their choice of items and within no time they get their deliveries on their doorstep. 

However, fashion does not mean blindly following what others wear. Everyone’s fashion sense is different from others. Merely following trends does not make one fashionable. Fashion should not own one, but should make one decide who you are and what to wish to express through your dress. It should define the way you live. Fashion should enable you to decide what you want and be sure about yourself. It’s not just about beauty, but fashion is all about good attitude. Being fashionable means that you have to believe in yourself and have the courage to be strong. 

Fashion magazines, online fashion and lingerie stores  or fashion blogs, give us a window from where we can borrow ideas as to how to present ourselves to the world. We need fashion in our lives, not just to look like stars, but what we wear is how we present ourselves to the world. Fashion is like an instant language. As Edith Head had once quoted about fashion: “fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, and some never will — like an instinct”. Fashion and style go hand in hand. If a person dresses shabbily, people remember the dress, but if a person dresses impeccably people remember the woman. However, it should be remembered that fashion alone like new popular  styles of leather  look  lingerie & dresses  doesn’t win a person’s heart. Labels or cost does not affect the heart of a man, but neatness and simplicity are enough to win his attention as well as affection. Thus, fashion is a great thing but one should know how to dress because it’s a way of expressing who you are. 

4 Tips for Buying silver Jewellery for Children

There is a huge variety of styles and collections from initial chains to attractive charms, to fine studs and chunky rings. The magnificent jewellery comes in all sizes and styles for children of both genders, and they are apt for including brightness to your life. When purchasing a piece of silver jewellery for children, there are important tips to assist you to acquire the best of what you pay for. Various stores address various kinds and styles of jewellery you can treat yourself to something new from your selection of the jewellery collection. In this article, we point out at four tips for purchasing silver jewellery for children.

Solid silver earrings for kids and   children is an intense gift and one of the most satisfactory ways to dress up your kid. The following are tips for purchasing jewellery for children:

Make whatever you buy an unforgettable one: If you desire the gift to be more distinctive, consider taking your child a jewellery buying trip so they can select jewellery of their choice. The child will keep in mind such a beautiful moment for uncountable years to come.

Always make it real: Children will prefer to have an item that does not stop them from playing and doing things they enjoy, for example running and propping up stuff from one place to another. Be specific to offer your child pretty hard, easy, and long-lasting jewellery.

Interests and Style should be a prime-concern: From the signs of nature for instance feathers and flowers to studs, heart motifs, hoops or charm bracelets, make sure that the jewellery you are purchasing for your child chides to and equalise their interest and fashion sense.

Think about their safety: Just as numerous tiny, delicate items, children jewellery must always be dealt nicely and handled with care. It should also be long lasting enough such that when offered to a child can endure. Don’t fail to remember about allergies. Even for younger babies, think about screw-back earrings to keep away any accidental gulp down.

Other things to think about when purchasing different jewellery: However hilarious it may sound, but children also prefer jewellery just as you do. If you are scheduling to purchase apt silver jewellery for your child think about the above points

It’s highly suggested that you purchase all your childrens jewellery from a well known jeweller to make sure what you purchase is secured for your child and will not come incomplete when the kid is playing or sleeping.

How to choose corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts are essential when working in a corporate environment. Offering corporate gifts is an excellent act which helps in nurturing your relationship with corporate clients or customers. This would, in turn, increase product sales and thereby improves your business. Corporate gifts are valuable items, and it is an impressive way which is offered to encourage employees and to motivate them for their performance. The corporate gifts must be chosen based on the corporate policies and the need of the recipient. The gifts you offer should represent the brand of your business. It is not that easy to choose the right corporate gift for your clients, partners, employees, customers, etc. The corporate gifts should make the clients feel happy. It is the perfect way to retain your existing clients. There are certain things that you should look for when choosing corporate gifts in a corporate company.

Some key tips to follow

Choosing a good at corporate gifts Singapore is not that easy as it should satisfy the needs of the employees and adhere to the policies of your business. Corporate gifts are meant to nurture the relationship with new clients and customers. Offering gifts would improve the performance of the employees and in turn promote their business. It is difficult to choose the right corporate gift as it should represent the brand and image of the business. It helps to maintain a relationship with clients and customers. It is essential that you stick on to the budget when purchasing corporate gifts. Make sure that you decide on the budget well ahead. Choose corporate gifts that are useful for clients and customers. The recipients must use the gift offered by the corporate company on a day to day basis.  Other steps of choosing a gift are;

  • Quality is essential when choosing corporate gifts for your clients. The gifts you choose should stay for a longer time as it helps in reflecting your business to your clients.
  • When choosing corporate gifts for clients in different countries, you have to be aware of the tradition and culture of various countries.
  • The corporate gifts that you choose should be based on the theme and purpose of the various festivals celebrated in the corporate company.

Make sure that you offer gifts to clients, partners, board members, co-workers, etc. in person. Do not offer gifts through other people. Packaging a corporate gift is equally important in choosing the right corporate gift for your clients, co-workers, and customers. Corporate gifts represent your value for clients and others.

Why you need summer season dresses as part of your closet this summer

Filling your personal wardrobe with dresses is really a terrific idea this summer, as they may be worn in countless ways. There are actually a lot of multipurpose dress variations to pick from which can be good for use at all hours. A dress could be the ideal clothing to get glammed up in, or alternatively throw on as a laid-back outfit. Dresses offer comfort and glamour, a genuine heroine of one’s wardrobe. Listed below are a sample of the dress designs that ought to be making an appearance in your closet come early July.

The Floral

Spring and summer might possibly be the ideal periods for flowery styles and there’s nothing more attractive than a simple flowery summer dress to create you feel both womanly and fresh in the rising heat. Flowered dresses team up perfectly with simple stiletto heels or a flatter italian style flat shoe, which makes it the ideal choice for that transformation between the day and evening. Choose a higher dress hemline for a more sexy look or choose ankle-length for a look of elegance with a floral maxi dress. Take a look at what’s available for sale in flowery maxi dresses from

Bodycon Dresses

These great dresses have established themselves as highly popular with famous people in the past several years and this continues demonstrated in high street sales volumes. Continuing to be on trend, this dress is an alluring, flirtatious choice for ladies who just want to enjoy having a lot of fun, and its shape reveals all of a women’s curves! Slide on some stiletto shoes for an instantaneous unforgettable night out makeover, or combine with flatter shoes for the ultimate daytime comfort and usability.


While you probably don’t want to wear one for a summers day on the seaside, the party dress (Prom Dresses) comes alive on those hot summer evenings. Simple to slip on, and easy to match jewellery with and a genuine dress to dazzle with, whether short or long – there must be a space for a party dress as part of your current wardrobe. combined with your preferred shoes,  a pretty handbag and some sparkling accessories and you’re all ready to party!

Lace Dresses

A lace dress requires little in the form of additional design since it makes a statement simply by itself. You won’t really need much to ‘dress’ this one up as lace is without question an extravagant and elegant material that adds an impression of elegance to any occasion; Short or long, it’s all a matter of one’s liking. Perhaps you choose to go above the knees to achieve that real summery look and feel or pick full length for the best in night time splendor? Combine along with a vibrant lipstick and low heeled sandals to deliver that fashionable finish.

The Shirt Style 

If you want to be on trend, the long shirt style dress will be the growing trend this coming year. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the long shirt dress, since the broad selection of materials and shapes helps make them a functional option for nearly any gathering. Shirt dresses convey an easy going, thrown together vibe and can be matched with stilettos or a flat style, dependant upon the event.


Giving gifts is one of the most ancient and traditional ways to portray your love and adoration for someone. Gifts are given to showcase your liking for someone as well as respect, gratitude and several other emotions. The best thing about giving gifts is that it becomes extremely easy to showcase certain emotions which are complex in reality with the help of a single gift. Gifts bring joy to the person who is giving the gift as well as the person who is receiving it. The mutual joy is garnished with a number of smiles and nothing terrible has ever happened from being happy in this world.

There are several things that gifts signify. It really doesn’t matter what type of gift it is , as long as the emotion that is attached to the gift is intact. A gift can be a rare precious jewel, or it can be an inexpensive piece of paper with a few words of love scribbled on it, if the person who is giving the gift genuine, so is the gift. Here are a few things that gifts signify:

  • Gifts showcase trust. It is one of the most important parts of gift giving. You can show someone that you trust him or her by giving gifts to that person.
  • Gifts have been known to being peace with it. Several infamous quarrels between countries and empires have resolved with gift giving. Therefore, it is a harbinger of peace as well.
  • Gifts are given to show mutual respect for somebody. On certain occasions like the teacher’s day or the Mother’s Day, people give gifts to show their respect for their elders. Respect is a precious emotion, and giving gifts is a wonderful way to showcase it.
  • Gifts are given to remember someone. We have seen in several movies and books that lovers used to exchange gifts to help someone keep their memories intact for a long time.
  • Gift giving is a social norm. Giving gifts is a traditional thing that has existed for centuries. Several societies and communities have had this practice for thousands of years. Gifts are also known to bestow good luck to the giver as well as the receiver.
  • Gift giving is also a way of bestowing several good blessings to someone. It is a known thing that gifts are given on special occasions like births and weddings to bestow good luck upon the receiver of the gift.

The Friendship gift and apparel company is one of the best corporate gift companies in the market. There are many reasons for that.Their products are best in the market. What makes their products awesome is that their products are mostly imported from places like Malaysia. They do not charge any delivery fees when it comes to the delivery of their products. Their products are durable and long lasting, and a real value for the money the customer spends on them. They are good at corporate gifts singapore.