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Fashion blunders that men should avoid

The manner in which a man dresses are extremely crucial. The initial impression usually is made by what a man wears. The look in the workplace is necessary for that successful collaboration to create new contacts and set new opportunities. But often men encounter problems and difficulties while choosing what to wear for having a good appearance in private or business life. There are certain mistakes which can ruin a good attire. Below is a list of the common fashion blunders which men should avoid. 

  • Dark pants and white socks– Nothing will look worse than putting on white socks with trousers in dark shades. Unless a man desires people in staring at their ankles, wearing socks that match with the trouser will be the right choice. For instance wear dark blue socks with brown leather shoes and dark blue suit. Another good choice is to wear neutral brown socks for blending with the shoes. 
  • Novelty clothing or ties– Novelty shirts, ties and other apparel pieces are just the reverses of sophistication. These may be tempting yet if a man desires into being taken seriously, they should leave behind at home their Christmas reindeer tie 
  • Big shoes– The clunky shoes are no longer in vogue. They were acceptable a decade ago, but of late classic slim shoes are in
  • Clothes which do not fit– For all those men who follow fashion rules they should keep in mind to wear clothes which fit. Do not wear clothes which are sagging and baggy or those which are very tight. The length of the trouser also matters. While wearing jeans wear it to the floor, but while wearing suit pants or trousers the hem must end at the shoe heel’s top. A good tailor will make sure that the trouser is cut to an ideal length 
  • Too much jewelry– Avoid wearing too much bling. While in the business or in the office one nice watch will be sufficient but ensure it is not much gaudy. Save all other earrings, necklaces and rings for the after-hours occasions 
  • Brand names– apparels which showcase a brand name, especially all across the outside is not acceptable or classy unless one is a sponsor. No man should allow a clothing company in using them as free advertisement 
  • A tie with a short sleeve shirt– Except in the case of a uniform, a man should keep away from wearing a tie with a short-sleeve shirt. This will look silly and also suggest an absolute lack of class. While wearing a tie, it is best to team it up with full sleeve shirts 

To dress for evening wear appropriately is crucial to success as it is a man’s appearance which provides the first impression. By avoiding the aforementioned common fashion blunders a man will be on the correct path. Even before they know it others will start to admire their dressing sense rather than make fun of it. So in order to look smart and classy dress like cocktail dresses intelligently and not whimsically.